My goal is always to guide you through a practice designed to provoke thought and empower you, my classes are about having fun, feeling energised and challenging yourself for you in your body.

Certified through the Yoga Alliance Professionals I teach Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV), Yin Yoga and Yoga Shred ® running weekly classes, monthly workshops and offer Private 1 to 1 or small group sessions.​


Alix xxx



7:30pm CSV Yoga Flow (Liznojan)


9:30am CSV Yoga Flow (Knightshayes)


6:15pm Yoga Shred (Liznojan)
7:30pm CSV Yoga Flow (Liznojan)


6pm Yin Yoga


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Core Stories Connected

11-15TH MAY

Here I will share the tools, practices and principles I have used to re-shape
my life. What is it all about?
Learning more about yourself so you
can Stay Lit 4 Your Life.


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