Fun, Loving, Smiling Yoga Teacher with a love of photography, food, wine and for anyone that has seen ‘Fists of Gin’ yep

I love Gin and a bit of a giggle too! Here is a little more about my journey into teaching Yoga.

Me and Teaching


I am certified through the Yoga Alliance Professionals having completed my 200hr teacher training in Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and am also qualified to teach Yoga Shred ®. My classes are about having fun, feeling energised and challenging yourself for you in your body. Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga allows you the space to practice a creative and playful flow in a mindful way for safer joint anatomy and a deep connection to your core.

My goal is to support you on your journey, allowing you the space to honour where you are in your physical or emotional practice so that you may strive to be present in those moments and not worry about what is perfect.


Me and Yoga

Having experienced emotional burn out first hand a few years ago I discovered Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and have never looked back.

I practice personally because it calms and focuses my mind, allows me to switch off and it helps to remind me where I want to go when the challenges in life give me a kick in. 

While I have practiced a little of other styles (more so since I started teaching), this one makes me feel completely connected and physically stronger than I was 10 years ago at 33 when I was running half marathons and doing Tough Mudders, whenever I practice even on a tough day I usually end up feeling totally calm or totally kick ass...can't be a bad thing right! 


Everyone’s yoga is different but I teach yoga because I want everyone to experience this connection to self whatever it means for them. As people we spend so much time striving for things without stopping to experience the moments we are in and at times you can give so much of yourself to others it can leave you with very little energy left for you.

I totally get wanting to support those we love and having goals and I say go for's good to have goals (I've got loads too!) but its also okay to be where you are, to stop and soak up the moments along the way and enjoy how you get there even when things aren't going quite right because those challenges help us to learn and we appreciate the gifts that come later on much more. If I know one thing for sure it is that we should protect our own personal source of energy because when you give it away so freely to others and save nothing for you that stuff runs out quick; so hold space for you, protect some of that energy and use it to rock who you are and Stay Lit!


Whatever Yoga is for you why not come and join me on the mat for a powerful, mindful CSV Flow or a kick ass energising Shred.

See you on the mat...Alix xxx

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