Stay Lit Every Day with our monthly Yoga packages

Are you striving for people:

  • To be mentally fit and resilient, especially during times of change.

  • To be physically fit, healthy and safe in their working environment.

  • To feel connected, cared for and supported by others at work.

A Core Stories Yoga Monthly Yoga package could look like this, please get in touch if you would like a full brochure. Courses prices start from £150 and class packages start from £250. Content can be live or pre-recorded. Pre-recorded content is not organisation exclusive unless agreed in advance. Bespoke packages that are refreshed monthly would be subject to an additional 25%.

Courses (Pre-recorded)
3 day Course - Wellbeing soothe and reset (30 minute videos).
5 day Course - Wellbeing raise your vibration (30 minute videos).
7 day Course - Wellbeing nourish, challenge, rest (30 minute videos). 


Class packages (Pre-recorded or Live)

8 class package - Themed to organisation requirements
10 class package - Themed to organisation requirements
12 class package - Themed to organisation requirements


The Stay Lit Challenge £185 - Free with all 7 day courses and Class packages.