Nourish and Flourish Yoga Retreat

Ashridge Court, North Tawton, Devon

20th July
09:00 - 5:30pm

Price £85

Students 20% discount
Groups (4+) 20% discount

About Your Day


09:00 Welcome Drinks and Introduction

09:30 Throat Chakra Cleansing Meditation

09:45 Write it out!

10:15 CSV Yoga - Rock Your Voice

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Face Yoga Fun

13:15 Mala Creation

14:15 Obstacle Clearing Chant with our Malas

14:45 Tea and Cake

15:15 Yin & Restorative Yoga

17:00 Journalling and Burning Ceremony

17:15 Drinks and Goodies as we say farewell

Join me at Ashridge Court for the second of this years day retreats in beautiful Devon for a day which is all about nourishment and expressing your unique self.


This day explores not only how we express what lights us up but how you communicate it with the world around you. We focus on the Throat Chakra; associated with the element of sound, finding the path to our authenticity, to be uniquely you and express it to the world.


We begin with light refreshment and a discussion where we get to know more about the Throat Chakra, we will do some vocalising within a guided meditation practice and then spend time expressing by putting pen to paper in a journalling exercise.


Get ready to rock your voice with a super fun and expressive Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV) session which will either be held in the barn or the magical circle outside. This will be a session full of giggles!


After lunch we will spend some time in the snug where we talk more about the meanings associated with this Chakra and how they affect us. We then move into a nourishing and fun face yoga practice with some beautiful facial oils.

Our afternoon craft session will see you making your own Mala Bracelet for our Obstacle Clearing Chant.


Our last session of the day is a Yin Yoga and affirmation practice...absorb the day and flourish! We end as always with a little release ritual and some light refreshment where you will receive a memento to take away with you so you may carry this practice forwards.

© 2018 Alix Coleby. Core Stories Yoga