Summer Awakening Retreat

25th May 2019  09:00 - 17:30

We focus on the Solar Plexus Chakra; also known as the fire chakra; begin a journey to empower and harness your inner Warrior strength to understand what lights up your life so that you can rise up and move forward from a place of confidence.

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Nourish & Flourish Retreat

20th July 2019  09:00 - 17:30

We focus on the Throat Chakra; associated with the element of sound, finding the path to our authenticity, to be uniquely you and express it calmly and clearly to others.


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Finding Foundations Retreat

5th October 2019 09:00 - 17:30

We focus on the Root Chakra as we move into a truly transformational season which can also be challenging after the long summer days, it is a great time to explore our foundation and our connection to our centre.


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