Monday 10th May - it will be open for 5 days
Core Stories Connected - What is it?

Time to light yourself up from the inside out. Together we...

  • Learn through your practice how to incorporate your body movement into your lifestyle.

  • Focus on how we breathe and the connection it creates for body and mind.

  • Weave positivity from the every day into your every day.

  • Dive deeper into cyclical living with the magic of the moon.

  • Learn about you for you to Stay Lit 4 Your Life.

Membership Core Content


  • Access to 5 weekly Live Yoga classes, encompassing Core Strength Vinyasa, Yoga Shred, Yin Yoga and Meditation.

  • Monthly Full Moon Circle & Moon Flow Class

  • Monthly 1 hour Q&A, Check In and Stay Lit Workshop

  • Unlimited access to all online content

  • Be part of a growing, loving, supportive community of like minded people


Carve out your own time (Bonus Materials)


  • 3x pre-recorded yoga classes

  • 1 x transitions breakdown

  • 1x pre-recorded meditation

  • Access to the Let's Get Lit Check In

  • Lunar Living New Moon & Full Moon Worksheet

  • Lunar Recipes



Is this membership for you?

Over the last 12 months the world has been turned a little upside down. It is a time full of uncertainty and change and for lots of people that can leave them feeling lost, disconnected or a lacking in motivation. Cyclical living and finding the things that bring us joy can help us get connected back to ourselves. We use yoga as our foundation but it is more than just yoga...this membership can help address the above feelings by giving you the tools to strike the match and light yourself up from the inside out.

How much will it cost?

Connected Monthly Membership:    £45 / month

Yearly Membership:   £480 upfront (£40 / month)

Value of core and bonus content


  • Access to 4 weekly Live Yoga classes - £36

  • Monthly Full Moon Circle & Moon Flow Class - £24

  • Monthly 1 hour Q&A, Check In and Stay Lit Workshop - £20

  • 3 x pre-recorded yoga classes £27

  • 1 x transitions breakdown £10

  • 1 x pre-recorded meditation £10

  • Access to the Let's Get Lit Check In £5

  • Lunar Living Worksheets & Recipes: £25

Total Value: £157 per month

Yearly: £1,764




 The first intake opens with the next New Moon on Monday 10th May - it will be open for 5 days. Each intake will launch with the New Moon which is a wonderful time to work with setting new intentions and laying foundations for things to come. 

A little introduction



Additional FAQ

What will the membership do for me?

It will bring you into a community of like-minded people who want to bring focus, clarity, calm and healthier habits into their lives. A community who will be connecting to and supporting themselves from the inside out. It will connect you to a deeper understanding of yourself; looking at how you bring that connection to body and mind into your lifestyle and ultimately help you Stay Lit 4 Life.


How long does this run for?

Initially this is set to run for 1 year.


What happens if this is not for me?

You can cancel at any time with one months notice.



I came to Alix's classes as I was looking for something to help me get fit and rehabilitate after hip surgery. I found this and so much more, a structure, sense of community during lockdown and a serious challenge. I could barely push myself up from the mat when I started! Alix offers plenty of modifications and never makes me feel that I can't achieve a par or movement...I do still get that through intruding through at times, but I can see how far I have come. I actually look forward to classes, this wasn't always the case, I admit I did find it tough to start and could have easily given up. 

The other benefits apart from strength and fitness have been even more welcome - a sense of power, calmness, funky movement and commitment. My weekly sessions on the mat have become so important to me. Thank you Alix x


The new members portal is brilliant! I absolutely love the holistic approach to yoga and wellbeing, with the different yoga practices, meditation, journaling etc. The lunar living section is really informative, this isn't something I know much about, so it was really interesting to learn more and I love the bath ritual!


Alix's practices have changed my attitude to yoga. I'm a runner primarily and workout most days too now. I had dabbled in yoga in the past but never enjoyed it. I decided to book into Alix's class when I started running longer distances - to say body was a bit crispy was an understatement!! I went along sceptically and left converted. The class was fun, functional and I love the core connection that drives the entire flow. CSV has really helped both my body by improving my flexibility, and my mind with the Stay Lit practice of looking within rather than around me. I've loved that Alix has continued the classes throughout lockdown - although I can't wait to get back to in person practice too!! The lunar living is a brilliant addition to the membership and I'm really enjoying seeing and learning how the moon affects my daily life and journalling the journey.


I've been regularly attending Alix's yoga sessions for over 2 years now, at least twice a week (CSV, yin, full moon flow). I've really appreciated how Alix offers face to face and online sessions. She even kindly sends me the recordings whenever I've missed a class. I love the variation across the sessions, calm, just the right amount of challenge, not forgetting fun and play. The yin sessions are blissful at the end of the week, an opportunity to stretch out in a range of poses. Alix is always really well prepared and creates such a special environment, with music and candles. She provides us with mats, bolsters, blocks and sometimes even oils for the moon flow.

I feel well toned, more flexible and have better balance. I look forward to the calm of Alix's meditations and Shavasana, when I can step out for a while. Core Stories has become an essential part of my week for both physical and mental wellbeing. Thank you, Alix! 


I have been doing classes with Alix for over a year now and love the different classes and different styles of yoga what Alix is teaching. It helps me to try different ways of moving and challenge myself each week and learning about my own body what I can and cannot do. Alix is brilliant with explaining it well, be patient, having a laugh and giggle during class and make it fun and lighthearted. I always look forward to my classes, because it always makes me feel good. Thank you Alix.