My goal is always to guide you through a practice designed to provoke thought and empower you, my classes are about having fun, feeling energised and challenging yourself for you in your body. Giving you the opportunity to listen completely so you can boost the body and mind connection.

Certified through the Yoga Alliance Professionals, I am a Devon based Yoga Teacher and teach Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV), Yin Yoga and Yoga Shred ® running private and corporate classes, workshops and 1:1 or small group sessions.​


Alix xxx


It's time to hit pause and join Alix & Ellie for this Immune Boosting, Mood Boosting approach to looking after your body and mind in the winter months.

To support the entire world that often feels like it rests on your shoulders you need to take time for you.

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7:30pm CSV Yoga Flow


6pm Yin Yoga

Monthly Full Moon Women's Circle and Lunar Yoga Flow.

Limited 1:1 spaces available, contact
me to discuss what you might need.


Get to know me!


Mind, Body, Empowerment and

Prevention are my core values and

form part of everything I teach. 

Why not get to know me a little better and check out my YouTube teachings, there are flows, meditation, breath practice and a dive into how we can help our bodies. Check out SIT TONIC and an introduction to the VAGUS nerve.

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