Frequently asked questions

Plans & Pricing

What is the Core Plan?

The Core plan means you can attend all in-person and online classes and events at Liznojan. The Core plan is on hold at the moment as I am due to launch a new online offering on 11th April. Sign up to the newsletter to find out more.

What is the Connected Plan?

The connected plan means you can attend all in-person classes and events at Liznojan

Can I cancel a plan if I decide I do not want it?

Yes, if you haven't taken any classes you will receive a full refund but if you have attended classes you are committed to your plan for that month.

What happens during holiday periods?

I will partially refund all plans at times when a live class schedule is not run e.g. Christmas and Easter. Announcements will be made through out the year. I may take training time at certain points throughout the year which will mean some classes may not run. You will always be given plenty of notice so you can switch to a different class. The plans are designed to be low cost so you are getting value for money and an opportunity to attend multiple classes as such if a class is cancelled for this reason a partical refund will not be offered.

How long do I have to use my 8 class pack?

You have 12 weeks to use your class pack.

Does my plan start as soon as I buy it?

It can but you can also select a start date to suit you. You will be able to book into classes from the date you select.


Cancelling a class on my Plan

If you are a member and you need to cancel a booking there is no imact to your plan but I ask you cancel as early as possible because spaces are limited and there may be a waiting list for a space. If you book a regular slot and do not show up on multiple occasions I will ask you to consider if this is the right class for you so someone else can have the space.

Late Cancellations

If you book an individual class pay as you go or on an 8 class pack and realise you cannot attend please ensure you have cancelled the day before your class. Same day cancellations and no shows will not be refunded. if you have had a genuine emergency please just call me and we will sort it out.


How are online classes streamed?

Classes will be streamed via Zoom

How does Zoom work?

Download the ZOOM meeting app - Joining the Class If you have booked onto a class, you will receive an email 15 minutes before the class starts, containing a link and a passcode to join the class. Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not see the email in your inbox. When clicking the link, you will be prompted to open ZOOM on your device. On ZOOM, you will then have the option to 'Join with Video' or ‘Join without Video’. This is completely up to you. You can choose to turn it on so that you can be seen by myself and others, or you can leave it off if you’d prefer to have privacy or if you do not have a webcam. All participants will have their audio muted. This allows everybody to play their own music at home, and minimises the chance of distracting noises and feedback being heard between devices. Please ensure you can hear your device before the class starts. It's recommended to test your speakers and check that your device is not on mute.


How have things changed?

So things are a little different for everyone and my biggest consideration was finding a space that made it easy for me to bring you back to the mat. This is why following a conversation with Kayleigh at Liznojan I have chosen to move all of my classes (excluding those at The Sangha House) to the bookshop. The space is well ventilated and easy to keep clean. Liznojan is the home of Moon Flow so some of you will have visited already; space is a premium and while we can ordinarily accommodate 8 + bodies I will be limiting this to between 4 to 5 spaces initially so we follow the guidelines from the government and keep each other safe. I also know that some of you will not be ready to come back to the mat or have connected with me but are a little further away and so I will be streaming most of the classes Live via Zoom (Zoom guidelines in the online section). I have tailored a selection of memberships to accommodate a variety of class options. There are lots of benefits to the new options but now instead of signing up to 1 class a week you have multiple weekly classes to choose from and the Monthly Yin Workshop and Full Moon Flow too. Be aware though Full Moon Flow will be an in-person only event. I'm really excited to see you all on the mat soon x

Do I need my own mat?

Yes right now you will be asked to bring your own mat and any props with you to avoid cross contamination.

How is your space cleaned?

The space is cleaned before each class using a steam cleaner. Hand Sanister is available for clients to sanitise both on entry and exit of the building Clients are asked to bring only what they need for their class

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