What is Staying Lit?


Staying Lit is a concept born from the Core Strength Vinyasa Tribe which I'm so happy and grateful to be part of.


  • It is a connection to self and the idea of working from the inside out, looking for what you need from inside of you without seeking validation elsewhere.

  • It is following the path of what is right for you so the light burns brightly within you.

  • For me it also means weaving the positivity of the every day into MY everyday.


It is more than just saying be positive or look on the bright side because well sometimes to be able to shine it means we have to have the uncomfortable conversations or push the boundaries of our comfort zones way more than we could have imagined. But on the other side of those experiences the rewards at the end even with the bumps in the road are even more worth it somehow because of what you learn about yourself along the way.


I believe that when we find some joy in small, simple pleasures not only do they fuel our growth but it makes even the sometimes mundane things less of a chore and the big stuff well that's a reward in itself.

It really is a gift, every single moment and we don't always acknowledge how lucky we are to wake up every single day. It took me several hard lessons through the experience of burn out and emotional exhaustion to get to my now, but like everyone else every from time to time I have to check in with myself too! 

I have added a worksheet so you can give yourself the time not to just read but to sit and think about all of those things that bring you joy. When you have done that...it is time to explore how you can bring more of them into your life.


Take a moment, download the worksheet, start with the small stuff and work from there.