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Camp Out!

So when we say adventures most people go big. Let's face it that is why I started this blog, the adventure I have planned is pretty big...well it is to me! For those of you who haven't tuned in before, I plan to take my daughter...The Bear...out of school for 3 months in just under 3 years time and take her off on a round the world travelling adventure.

The thing is I've never felt like the adventures sort of women (and yet I am) and Bear well she loves an adventure, but hey she is 7 so most things are an adventure to her right now.

Years ago I did a fair amount of camping, even bagged myself a wild camp recently which was brilliant but after having a baby we (my ex-husband and I) invested in a camper van and even those trips were few and far between. Bear had never camped out except at a family festival where we were surrounded with friends so this seemed like a good thing to do next in the bid to getting us world ready!

The Plan

Not only had I booked us a week on a campsite, I decided to book us surfing lessons too but then Covid happened, 5 months of swimming lessons that didn't happen and then we couldn't go to the campsite so the whole thing got canned....bugger!

The Outcome

We found a super small campsite that was allowing us basic campers in at half capacity so we went with it, even though it meant driving to the beach most days. So you see it wasn't quite the adventure we planned but it was a seed of one and to be honest after the 3 months that came before it (a story for another time) we needed some time out so at this point I didn't care where we went as long as it wasn't rammed full of people.

The Beast!

Now I have a beast of a tent and we had a test run back in May when we camped in the garden, there was after all nothing else to do and we were fed up indoors (who wasn't after 3 months). It was fun but we had duvets and access to the bathroom and kitchen so arguably not that challenging. What is challenging however is putting up the tent by yourself BUT I did put up this fabric beast all on my own as the Bear wasn't feeling super helpful in the heat. This led to a small conversation (slightly heated debate!) about how if we are to have lots of adventures Mummy might need a little help without the dramatic responses and overall refusal to pick up a tent peg!

Sadly the conversation was lost when we arrived in North Devon and pitched up in yet another heatwave so I continued alone until guilt set in and Bear attempted to manually pump up an airbed...I'm not going to lie I laughed a lot on the inside; of all the things she could pick to do she chooses perhaps one of the most boring, tedious and genuinely unpleasant things to do in a heat wave!

What do I know?

I know I need better cooking facilities the next time we camp and that my blow up beds are awful. On the plus side, we were prepared for all conditions (we needed to be when the thunderstorm hit on day one). Bear is campsite responsible, doesn't argue when told its time to call it a day and we both pretty much don't care where we stay providing we have access to the sea. It's worth mentioning however when she doesn't want to leave the beach Bear goes grizzly and I won't lie I threatened to take her straight home if she kicked sand in my face again...funnily enough she didn't, instead just muttered under her breath about the injustice of it all and that was that; me I rightly took a few deep breaths and when back at the campsite opened the wine congratulating myself for not kicking sand back at her or letting down her airbed while she slept that night (yep I thought about it!).

Sweet Moments

I watched Bear blossom as she made her first ever holiday friendship which gave me some unexpected time to myself to move and breathe in to a little much needed space.

I also learnt I have a 'Merbaby' and nurturing that spirit inside of her is what I intend to do even though I know in a few years that is definitely going to push my comfort zone even more than it already does now.

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