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August Newsletter - What is coming?

Hazy Summer Days...that is definitely the now with this crazy hot and humid weather. Our region is a little full of visitors but I hope you've found some quiet spots to enjoy a moment or two doing something you love. Me and the Bear have just returned from our local travels and it was a tonic. As many of you know I've been taking a break over the Summer to get ahead of everything to come in September because in-person classes are back which makes me so very happy  BUT things are going to be changing... Core Stories has a new home, a new class schedule and membership options! For those of you that don't rock social media and missed the announcement Core Stories is moving to Liznojan in Tiverton. As many of you know I have run Full Moon Flow, Mums on Mats and 1:1 sessions from here but from September all Group Classes both in-person and online will be held at this wonderful gem of a book shop. Yoga on the shop floor with all the beautiful art work and of course fact, fiction, history and knowledge is more than a little special. Space as you know is a bit of a premium so booking will be essential. Community spaces are a little bit of an unknown and here I can commit to a well ventilated and clean environment for those wishing to practice in person. In Person and Online Classes I will be offering weekly classes both in person and online. Here is what the new timetable looks like (all classes will run both in person and online unless otherwise stated): Mondays 5:45 - 6:30pm - Yoga Shred 8 - 9pm - CSV Yoga Flow Thursdays  6 - 6:45pm - Yoga Shred 7:30 - 8:30pm - CSV Yoga Flow Fridays 9:30 - 10:30am - The Friday Energiser Flow (Online only) Monthly Events and Workshops will include Full Moon Flow and a Sunday Yin Yoga Workshop and depending on how you choose to come to class in the future you could have access to as many of these classes and monthly events as you like. Memberships! I made the decision to  move away from term memberships so I can bring a little more to your Yoga journey. The memberships and blocks mean you can attend any and potentially all classes in a week/month rather than being limited to 1 class a week. Some memberships also include both Full Moon Flow and my Monthly Yin Workshop. This is such as great offering because when you break it down the cost is only a little more than the cost of coming once a week. Now you will have 5 weekly classes to choose from and a possible 3 monthly classes too...not forgetting the available discounts for 1:1 sessions and online courses and mediations that will be available. Don't worry if you need a little more flexibility I will still be offering pay as you go classes and the 8 week block. More about Memberships and how you can book landing in your inbox early next week, you will all be the first to know and have a lead in on the opportunity to get your spaces reserved first. If you are an existing student, there will be a direct email from me coming your way with your options from September so please look out for this.  Core Stories is Me and You!

Present over Perfect is all about embracing the gift of today and understanding the energy within you and how you want to use it. My energy, your energy...Tribe because TOGETHER WE RISE!  Whether it be virtual or physical, I will see you on the mat soon.

Alix xxx

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