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October Newsletter - Challenge

The challenge is sometimes the distraction we need...

I have had the most fun with everyone this week during our practices where our intentions  turned towards allowing things to melt away. As ever we used the power of sound, a few kicks of fire and distracted ourselves with a few balance challenges along the way. In the moment those challenges can sometimes feel like a lot but ultimately when we reach the end of our practice and rise up from savasana there is the knowledge that you have taken 60 minutes away from everything and created a little pocket of peace just for you.  October - Wind up to Wind down! In September we reminded ourselves about the importance of recognising our bodies needs and how you can use your breath to create space for that consideration. This month we are winding up so that we can wind down. A challenge or two can be so good for getting us out of our own way sometimes, often I find that while what I carried into class with me may not have changed much  (it's only 60 minutes after all) the reality is I won't have thought about it once which is sometimes all we really need. Whether your challenge is finding the time to take that 60 minutes for yourself or indeed another aspect of your yoga practice join me to find fluidity in your flow in our most transformative season that shows us how beautiful it can be to let things go. Class Space Some classes are proving more popular than others and as things have changed a lot since February I understand not all of you are ready to come back to a practice especially as I have also moved our practice space. I have in-person spaces in most classes, I have no intention to change the schedule before the new year with the exception of adding a potential Friday class after half term. Mondays are our busiest day but a couple of floating spaces remain. Thursdays are quieter so please message me if you have questions.

If you are a new member and you haven't yet joined us over in the Staying Connected Facebook Group why not come and check it out. There's a monthly Live and various posts too. It's a little quiet right now which is understandable as we've all got one foot out the door and one foot in....but its a place for you to ask questions and share as much or as little as you would like.  It is free to all members and those of you who practiced with me during lockdown. I hope everyone is keeping safe and spending those precious moments doing something for yourselves as well as your family. I continue to feel blessed to see those of you who have come back to class and for those of you I haven't seen recently I am sending you all my love. Stay Lit.



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