• Alix

What’s it all about?

I’ve had a few questions this week about Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV) Yoga. Everything from questions about yoga itself, the style, how flexible do I need to be, injuries, fitness and so on. I’ve picked my favourite 4 words that go some way to explaining what CSV yoga is about. For each word I’ve added a little something about me and my yoga journey and what these words mean to me.


CSV is about core generated alignment. During practice we work on building a constant core connection to engage our deep core line so that we can practice safely for our body and engage our connection to our centre and self awareness.

ME: I’m an over thinker...which means I often obsess over a decision even when I already know the answer. Core connection for me and my journey with yoga has taught me to be more self aware, to listen to my ‘gut’, to not need 10 opinions of others before I make a decision and to be confident in my decisions even when they are sometimes questioned by others.


This style of yoga is unique in that we soften before every pose. The transition into a pose is just as important as the pose itself. This teaches you to honour your body and enjoy how you reach your expression of a pose whatever it might be.

ME: I often see people that are so fixed on where they need to be and focused on what they want that they don’t look after themselves or others along the way (yes I’ve done that too!). When you’re going from A to B, it’s all about what happens in the middle so you actually enjoy B when you get there.


CSV is accessible to everyone, all ages and all abilities. It is about moving for you, for your body in a way that is anatomically safe for you. None of us are built the same way so one persons expression in a yoga pose will not necessarily be the same for another; they might eventually get to the same point but their journey and how they feel about it is likely to be different.

ME: I’m not stretchy, I have tight calves and hamstrings...I’m way more flexible than I used to be but when I do a forward fold or a seated stretch my knees will likely always be bent...yes ALWAYS. If I pushed myself too much I would only be stressing out my joints which is not good for me and it’s not fun either!


CSV is are learning about your body and moving in ways that work for you. You are building strength, moving creatively and it is a hugely empowering practice. What isn’t fun about building confidence, increasing your focus and learning more about yourself along the way?

FIERCE LION CHALLENGE: challenge to you now. Inhale through the nose deep into your low belly and on your exhale stick your tongue out and let your breath out fully. How did it make you feel? Energised, Self Conscious, Silly, Relaxed...

ME: The first time someone asked me to practice this Fierce Lion breath I immediately went into fear mode...”I am not doing that” it’s stupid. I now find it incredibly cleansing and energising but here’s what you might not know...your deep core line runs from your low body all the way up through and out to the very tip of your tongue. This simple breath clearing exercise is stimulating your deep core line and can have both an energising or calming effect depending on where you are right now. However you want to view this, know that it is good for your body and your mind. Also my 5 year old things it’s brilliant!


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