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Me and the Bear

I gently nudged the Bear at 6am and whispered ‘are you ready for an adventure’ she rolled over looked at me did a sleepy fist pump in the air, grinned and replied simply with….Adventuuuurrrreeee. We rocked it that day, it was a chilly start but Bear and I scaled the 240 steps down to Broad Sands beach and made the most of having the beach to ourselves, climbed and shouted into the caves, threw ourselves in the sea, danced laughed and ate breakfast wrapped in blankets on the beach.

For about 2 years I've been chatting about the big adventure I plan for us to take. Me and the Bear chat about it all the time...'When we go around the world'.

It was an idea that formed in the post divorce drama I found myself in at the time and it was also about finding my way back to feeling connected to my Bear as her mum. I'd lost my confidence and felt like I had little to teach her because when you're not owning your choices and doing what makes you happy how can you teach that to your little person so that in turn they grow up to make empowered choices, to have the courage to make the difficult choices and have the tough conversations so they can shine and all that shizzle as a friend of mine would say.

Our camp out week in the garden during lockdown gave me pause for thought as I realised that I’ve not actually put anything into motion yet…no finance pot, no list, no timelines just lots of chatter. Time for a big push with my accountability on this as adventures haven’t always come easy and this one pushes all my boundaries and if I'm honest scares me more than I care to admit. I never had the urge to go back packing on my own let alone take my 10 year old out of school for 3 months and do it with her when I'm 46...fuck yes I'll be 46!. I have travelled and still do when I can and in the last 3 years I've learnt to travel on my own too but as far as comfort zones go this is huge.

You might ask why the trip? To be honest we live in a small Devon village and I just have it in my head that before she gets lost in a sea of hormones, choices, friendships, relationships and that transition from small person to teenager that knows everything (because they do right!) that maybe she needs to see past her doorstep, just enough to know what the world has to offer outside of the Devon bubble; to see other cultures, traditions and lifestyles outside of what is taught in the classroom and ultimately to show her that she can set her own path when she is ready to do so.

I remember listening to a podcast by Quiet the Hive that week where they chatted about having an accountability partner, so I sent my friend Hannah a message and popped the question. 'Will you hold me accountable' and she said yes...romantic right!

Thinking about other things I could do I decided to post about it, because once it is out there I know I need to see it through, now don't get wrong I also think this adventure is going to be amazing but its easy to get caught up in life and before you realise it time has passed you by. Well fuck that...sorry but no, I did that for way too long earlier in life for it to be my reality now. So in addition to posts on Instagram and Facebook I will be documenting our many adventures in the lead up to this rather epic one and hey who knows where it will go from there. Sometimes it will be awesome for sure, other times a shit show who knows but you can share the journey with me warts and all.

Right now I have a timeline, a list of countries and this blog post so watch this space as there is more to come.

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