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What is Staying Lit?

Staying Lit is a concept born from the Core Strength Vinyasa Tribe to which I'm happy and grateful to be part of. The idea of working from the inside out and of looking to find what you need from inside of you without seeking validation from elsewhere..

These days many of us have heard of the law of attraction and that idea of when you only focus on the negative then that's what you attract back to you; but many of us also seek the positives outside of ourselves or we think that only the big amazing things or experiences count and we forget about the small stuff that happens along the way.

It's also following the path of what is right for you so the light and energy burns brightly within you. I know it can all sound a little flaky to some but its more than just saying be positive or look on the bright side because well sometimes to be able to shine it means we have to have the uncomfortable conversations or push the boundaries of our comfort zones way more than we could of imagined. But on the other side of those experiences the rewards at the end even with the bumps in the road are even more worth it somehow because of what you learn about yourself along the way.

Personal growth and the journey

I believe that when we find some joy in small, simple pleasures not only do they fuel our growth and journey but it makes even the sometimes mundane things less of a chore and the big stuff well that's a reward in itself. To put some context around this I made huge changes to my life a few years back, they were tough choices with a very specific set of outcomes for what I felt I needed to do and over time my goals for what I wanted developed too; but my mindset was on how to get to those points and I certainly wasn't fully focused on what was happening along the way. There are parts of that first 18 months where everything is a haze, I know I went to places, on holiday even, I remember who I was with and I can say whether or not I had fun (kind of) but some of it I can't properly recall. Don't get me wrong I was emotionally pretty buggered at the time but even though I made changes to be focused on enjoying life more and following my dreams there are just some things from that time I can't remember at all which is shit because some truly amazing things were happening....it's now history but its still shit and it's why I talk about it a lot when I teach because I think it happens to so many of us.

I hope that lesson stays with me for a long time to come to keep me forever present.

It's why I like this quote...

'Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery but Today is the Present and that's why they call it a Gift'

It really is a gift, every single moment and we don't always acknowledge how lucky we are to wake up every single day, especially when we seemingly have the weight of the world on our shoulders! It took me several hard lessons to get to my now and every now and again I have to check myself because I have a tendency to overthink but at the end of the day all we can do is our best.

My kind of Lit!

The challenges that come up help me learn a little more about what lights me up each time. So...no more settling and going with the flow or worrying about what people think of me, I'll do me and everything will be brighter for sure and what keeps me lit...are you ready for it, in no particular order?

Hot baths

The Moon


Looking after my friends and family

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga

Seeking out adventures with the Bear

Walks in the rain

Fresh veggies from the garden



Singing loudly in the car

Breathing in the sea air

Teaching Yoga

Laying on the grass with the sun on my face


My bed!

Paddle boarding

The CSV Tribe

Decorating my house




Gin (it deserves it's own shout out)

Essential oils at the end of a practice (I miss sharing those)

The colour yellow

Drinking tea on my new deck

Playing board games with the Bear

RuPauls Drag Race

Food, all of it...but if I have to narrow it down; shellfish, fish, pizza, lasagne, roast dinners, roast turkey and bread sauce sandwiches, eggs, sweet potato brownies (mostly when my friend Hannah makes them), bagels with cream cheese, veggie curries, vegan ice cream (thank you Soul Circus), bacon sandwiches, cheese on toast, hot blueberry pancakes, Mexican food...I could go on but I think you're getting this...I love food!

So...what keeps you Lit? Take a moment, start with the small stuff and work from there.

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