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Straight Lines

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Our journey in this world is anything but straight, we've all seen the squiggly line from A to B and yet in yoga we are so often obsessed with straight lines. I guess at times there is something quite pleasing about them. There are those that will talk about strength when it comes to those straight lines too as if finding softness in your body is a weakness. They sell the concept of vulnerability but show the body full of linear and sometimes rigid shapes that doesn't reflect their spoken words.

What I have learned is much like the fluidity of our journey in life, fluidity is crucial within our body too. Our body is energy after all and energy is ever flowing unless we block it by moving in ways that become a burden to our unique selves. In a busy world where our bodies are impacted by shoes, sports, food, illness, driving, computing, sitting, pregnancy and age to name but a few things; we expect so much and often put a ridiculous amount of pressure on ourselves to look a certain way regardless of how it makes us feel or the physical impact it may cause later.

Finding strength within your softness

In yoga softness is my super power and has been crucial in building strength physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally. Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga which adopted this fundamental element of surrender before you move into any expression gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself, and still provides you with a platform for strength.

It isn't always easier to move from a place of softness, if you ask any of my students about a Down Dog to Plank Wave, transitioning from a Down Dog to a Low Lunge or moving ground up from a Seed pose and they will tell that shit is hard work but...that work gets them peeling away into those deeper core layers, activating the muscle meridians running through their bodies, building foundations by not locking out the joints and glowing from the inside out. The rewards are big and so the effort is worth it, and yes part of measuring that is through growth in our movement practice but for me it is also about how that is reflected in my day to day life off the mat.

Intrigued...come rock a little Core Strength Vinyasa with me and put it to the test!

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