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I'm still just trying to get my shit together when it comes to wiping out in the water, I decided a couple of weeks ago I just need to go to the beach one day and practice it...yup get up and just keep throwing myself in! It's yet to happen but watch this space because if pushing that comfort zone button helps build my confidence you can bet I'm doing it at some point and the sooner the better because I've started taking Bear on the paddle board.

Now bear in mind we had surf lessons lined up for our summer holiday this year which not only got cancelled but there was the small matter of Bear not having had 5 months worth of swimming lessons because of Covid; so maybe taking her out on the board in the waves with her Mumma who has a confidence issue for wiping out wasn't such a good idea but we weren't going to be deep so in for a penny!

We left late in the day, it took a forever to get there and if I'm honest I was amazed when we could still get into Saunton given the kind of day it was. There were attendants at the top so it wasn't going to be long before it closed but we were in!

We took the board and dinner (food is something we never forget!) down onto a spot on the beach and she left me to pumping up the board while she went to dig holes in the sand, with her hands I might add...seriously the girl is like a hound, give her a beach and she will drop and dig a hole but it meant she was occupied so I can't really complain.

Pumped and ready I found the Bear Hound and we went off into the water, cue me getting nervous and her just being very excitable...lots of her hanging off the board and making it very hard for me to keep us afloat ha! Then came lot's of telling myself off for not providing a little more guidance for her about how to sit on the board before we went in the water. Anyway we found the fun and it was pretty bloody awesome, then came the moment that had to happen which was a big wave that tipped both our bottoms up in the air and head first into the water. I came up and so did Bear, she looked at me and said three words I will never forget 'what just happened?' It's making me smile as I write them...'Baby' I said 'that was called a wipe out'

After her second wipeout Bear had decided that maybe it wasn't for her, until I took the board out of the water where she promptly begged me to take it back in. So we are learning together and my hope is next year I might even get her up and paddling so we will definitely be ready for those surf lessons.

This is us...just after our first wipeout!

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